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About Us

Foundation History

Our company emerged from a hobby project in lighting automation started in 2010. We made feasibility prototype and obtained the patent, but didn't have time to proceed because of hard work in growing SURC (Samsung Ukraine R&D Center), our employer at the time.

That hobby project was postponed, and new ideas appeared and grew into small startups. At the same time, we obtained more and more experience at our main job. One day, I realized that it's the best time to switch to our own project as a full time engagement; otherwise, it will be postponed for good and disappear.

Therefore, we restarted our work on home lighting automation project again, analyzing the market and negotiating with potential investors. We made a cost effective prototype of the system that could be used in each home by regular people. It decreases electricity usage, provides the ability to control electrical home devices remotely and increases the levels of safety and security at home.

However, later we discovered that running a business and creating useful accessories for our home are two different things. People prefer to invest money in products that may have exponential revenue growth, mainly do not related to hardware (risk of loss increases when there is a need to store something, purchase hardware components, etc.) and require the least maintaining expenses.

So we had to develop a new strategy to enter the market, not as straight as we originally thought. We started without any investors using just our own assets and started making accessory software applications that will be extended to our lighting automation system step by step providing solutions in areas of:
  • Personal security and data encryption
  • Productivity tools
  • Smart home and home automation (both software, firmware and hardware facilities)

Core Team

Member portrait

Lumais Founder

Artem works in the IT industry since 2006, mainly in fields of data security and artificial intelligence. He started as SQAE and system programmer in antimalware project of one outsourcing company, then worked in a few worldwide corporations.

Last years he worked as Team Leader and managed projects in R&D Center of Samsung Electronics.

He likes research and takes efforts to optimize activities. Last years he started a few hobby projects, one of which led to the foundation of this company that will discover many of the started projects and open them to the worldwide market.

We are focused on the production of software applications and services that improve our life by saving our time or making comfortable and safe environment for us.

Sergey K
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Sergey K

Sergey is an excellent researcher, C/C++ and firmware developer, circuitry engineer. He has worked in R&D activities as Team Leader, Researcher and Developer for the last 5 years. He assisted in the Lumais branding on it's establishment.

Sergey was the first who liked my ideas and joined their implementation. We started together in spring, 2010.

He has taken a major part in the feasibility prototype creation of the lighting automation project: chosen target embedded hardware for the client nodes (transceivers, controllers, power supply scheme, etc.) and soldered them, made firmware part.

Alex D
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Alex D

Alex is experienced C++ Windows and Android Developer. He has worked in R&D activities as Manager, Researcher and Developer for the last 5 years.

Alex joined us in the spring 2012 made a few feasibility prototypes on Android for our later projects.

Sergey V
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Sergey V

Sergey is aerospace scientist, experienced algorithmist and researcher. He has worked in R&D activities as Head of Departments, Manager, Researcher and Developer for the last 25 years.

Sergey assists in the research communications and theoretical technology bases.