Apps that care about our life making it more comfortable and safe, productive and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only common questions are listed here. Please see Discussions section of the corresponding product for the product-specific questions.

If your issues still have not been resolved after reading these FAQs, please feel free to contact us.
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What is your positioning, what kind of applications do you produce?

We produce applications that can be helpful for people by taking care about our safety, security and privacy, making our environment more comfortable or saving our time.

Main scopes of activities are:
  • Personal security and data encryption
  • Productivity tools
  • Smart home and home automation (both software, firmware and hardware facilities)
What revenue do you have from FREE tools?


We have no any financial revenue from our FREE tools except your donations. We do NOT embed ADS and other garbage in our apps because we respect our clients and consider usability much.

What countries do you operate in?


Do you produce open source applications and how can I add some features?

Yes, partially, but not at once.
We'll issue software applications sources that are positioned for individuals in 5 years after the initial release date (except that can lead to security, data safety or income drawbacks of our clients).

Why not at once? - Because sources opening leads to competitors stimulation that can be risky for our income.

We can open sources for public at once in case you pay us for the three (of five) years of the approximate sales and other relative revenue from the target application and relative services. You can also purchase the corresponding license to obtain the sources with the specified terms of use.

In case you need some extensions of our product (application/service or etc.) and don't have it's sources (or need our help/participation), please write to the discussions section on the corresponding product page. Your suggestions will be considered and can be scheduled for development.

Can I join the team and how?

We are permanently looking for developers (programmers, designers, etc.), who want to make useful applications and services, who have passion, assiduous and assertive enough to make the product.

  • What is the reward? - The share that corresponds to the value (amount of activities made by you in product scope). It changes in time corresponding to your value rate of all the project activities since is's start till this moment.
  • Who defines the value? - All the team that works on this project defines value rate of each member (by voting when necessary) considering all developed features, infrastructure, maintaining and all other project related activities.

Join us, email your CV to:

How can I support free apps development?

You can contribute in the free apps development by joining our team, taking part in the products localization or donating on the corresponding product page.