GraViM: Graph Visualization Map

Automated graph generation:


Navigation View

Navigation View is navigation map like window in the right bottom corner where all graph is displayed.

Visibility: Click the Navigation View at the top right side of the page to show / hide Navigation View (map). To change size of the Navigation View click small, medium or large buttons.

Functionality: Move mouse over the node to highlight it and it's links. Click the node(s) to revert their selection and focus Session View on the last selected node, click out of the node to reset all selections.

Note: graph is directed, input edges are in the top or left side of the node and output edges are in the bottom or right side of the node.

Session View

Session View occupies main part of the workspace. It contains part of the graph in the readable representation.

It inherits part of the Navigation View functionality.

Data Input

Specify connectivity matrix to build the graph, then press CTRL+Enter or CTRL+b or click the BUILD button.