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"This great app allowed me to make romantic supper with the help of the tablet when there were light issues in our flat."

Artem V L, Client

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CalmLight is a simple handy Screen / Flash lighting Android application. It is rather useful during trips, in case of night reading, etc.


  • Simple and lightweight flashlight app
  • Screen / Flashlight lighting modes
  • Tunable brightness control
  • Secure: works over the locked screen (see usage)
  • Bright Morse code signalling (see usage)
  • Hasn't over permissions, doesn't use network
  • Right-handed / Left-handed work modes
  • Trackball and hardware Volume keys support
  • Fixes orientation on start
  • Works on Android 2.2+


To change brightness:
  • just swipe right/left to increase / decrease (right-handed mode, vice versa in left-handed mode)
  • use volume buttons
  • use trackpad
To switch lighting mode:
  • make tap (during 0.1 - 0.8 sec)
  • press trackpad button
Right / Left-handed mode

Modes are used for convenient brightness control for both right-handed and left-handed people and could be selected in Action Bar / Menu.

Secure working over the locked screen

To work over the locked screen run the app as usual, then turn off and then turn on the screen using hardware power button.

Morse code signalling
  • To make Morse code signals it's possible to use screen and flash lighting:
  • click power button to turn on/off the screen on max brightness level
  • make tap (during 0.1 - 0.8 sec) on the screen or trackpad to turn on/off the flash

Watch video tutorial above.


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