Apps that care about our life making it more comfortable and safe, productive and secure.

01 Who?

We are the team of IT enthusiasts who makes handy and useful tools for comfortable and productive life. More

02 What?

Lumais is set of tools related to personal security systems, productivity tools, home automation systems, and other useful tools for our daily life. More

03 Why?

Because it's pleasant and funny to make useful things that improve our life.
We see drawbacks in existent solutions and want to fix them making more usable and reliable tools focused to solve defined tasks or reduce our daily routines.

Latest Products

Overlapping communities in the graph

HiReCS is a library for the multi-scale hierarchical community detection in evolving...

Graph Visualization Map

GraViM is a simple infographics maker: graph builder and browser...

CalmLight Flashlight

CalmLight is a simple handy Screen / Flash lighting Android application...